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Katherine is a big fan of Taylor Swift

Actress Katherine Heigl loves to listen to Taylor Swift‘s music, so it’s a good thing that her husband Josh Kelley is going on tour with Taylor this summer. “I think she’s met my wife before because what’s funny is that my wife is a big fan of hers,” Josh tells exclusively. “And she’s a big fan of Katie’s too, so it’s kind of hilarious.”

Josh himself hasn’t met Taylor yet, but is super excited to be working with the country star. “I know that she used to tell my younger brother Charles that she liked my music,” says Josh. “I think we are going to have a great time. I think it’s going to be a great fit.”

“I think she’s an amazing writer, amazing artist and an amazing singer,” adds Josh. “I just think the world of her. So I’m unbelievably excited for the opportunity and glad that she appointed it to us.”

And Katherine will definitely be tagging along to some of Josh and Taylor’s shows this summer. “She’ll probably come to all the LA shows,” notes Josh. “I know that because I’m doing the whole West Coast tour with [Taylor], so she’ll probably come to a lot of those actually.”



Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley’s Daughter Naleigh ‘Is Going To Be A Singer’ Like Daddy!

Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl‘s daughter 2 1/2-year-old daughter Nancy Leigh, whom they call Naleigh, is going to be a singer like daddy and not an actress like mommy.

“She sings,” Josh tells exclusively. “She’s going to be a singer. I can tell.”

According to Josh, 31, Naleigh will never be an actress like Katherine, 32. “She’s clearly a really bad liar so I don’t think the world of theater is going to be her thing. She can’t pretend to be anybody else.”

But Naleigh truly has a talent to sing. “She can sing which is amazing,” Josh gushes. And it’s possible that she picked up the talent from her father, who is a popular singer-songwriter himself and sings to her on a daily basis.

“Hopefully she’ll do something like that,” Josh adds. But “I’ll support her whatever she does.”

For now, Naleigh’s next big feat is going to be her first trip to the beach this summer with her parents. “I don’t know if she has ever been at the beach before,” admits Josh. “So this will be a new experience for sure.”

And she’s accomplishing tons of other achievements right now too. “She’s right on par,” Josh brags. “It’s kind of like any kid her age. She’s saying a lot of full sentences now. She’s using the big girl potty, which is awesome sauce.”

Aww! Well why Josh is busy being a great father, acting as an awesome hubby and managing a crazy music career, he also has time to give back to people in need by partnering with the ConAgra Foods Foundation Hunger-Free Summer — a program that provides lunches to kids during summer who rely on free meals at school meals — to help raise awareness about child hunger.

“People don’t really know that these programs exist, that’s why I wanted to partner up with this as well because now I’m a dad,” shares Josh. “I wouldn’t have had perspective on it if I wouldn’t have been a dad.”

To help Josh in this worthy cause, please visit


Katherine Becomes a Furniture Designer for Charity

The actress has designed a limited-edition vanity table to benefit her spay/neuter initiative The Compassion Revolution. You can own Katherine Heigl‘s personally designed vanity table for $25,000.