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Lunch at Il Capriccio

Katherine had lunch at Il Capriccio in Los Angeles on March 5th, 2012.


Katherine Joins Fight Against ‘Ag Gag’

Katherine wrote a letter on PETA’s behalf to Utah’s state senators urging them to squelch House Bill (H.B.) 187 and allow people to continue to obtain video evidence of animal abuse so that authorities can prosecute the offenders. Here is Katherine’s letter to the senator:

Dear Senator Waddoups,

My husband and I married in Utah, and I’ve been proud to call the state home for the last couple of years. I am writing to urge you to vote against House Bill (H.B.) 187, which would criminalize

undercover filming on factory farms. This bill makes our state’s agricultural community seem desperate to hide illegal and inhumane treatment of animals from the public.

As animals cannot defend themselves, the public must maintain its right to document illegal cruel practices in order to alert law enforcement to their existence. In 2008, my friends at PETA went undercover at a major pig farm in Iowa that supplies Hormel and found that workers were beating pigs with metal rods and jabbing clothespins into their eyes; one employee was even caught sexually abusing a pig with a cane. Because of this investigation, six workers were charged with a total of 22 counts of livestock neglect and abuse, and all of them admitted guilt. PETA worked hand in hand with local law enforcement to achieve these convictions, for which the undercover footage made the sheriff’s job much easier. Please don’t impede law enforcement by passing this terrible bill.

 H.B. 187 seems to me to be a reaction to California’s Proposition 2, which passed a few years ago and created a public mandate to improve the treatment of animals in the meat industry rather than hiding cruelty from the public eye. That bill passed with overwhelming support from both conservatives and liberals. I hope that legislators in Utah recognize that in light of this consumer demand for better treatment of animals, they need to work to prevent cruelty to animals by strengthening laws, not penalizing those who are trying to expose this cruelty.

Please join me in opposing H.B. 187. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,

Katherine Heigl

Shopping at Albertsons

Katherine and husband Josh shopped at Albertsons on February 29th, 2012